Basements are dark, cold, damp, and notorious. So choosing a floor coating for your basement is always tricky. Most basements are below the ground level, which limits your option of choosing the floor coating. Moreover, most homeowners don’t want to spend more on their basements. Generally, these people end up paying more on maintenance over the years.

This makes it necessary to plan ahead of time to avoid unnecessary spending’s. Your plan must include your tough budget choices and perfect durable, water resilient floor coating. For this, you can add better lighting, sheet-rocks to the walls, paintings, radiators to keep your basement warm and cozy.

How do you want to use your basement space?

Before you start choosing the best basement flooring, give a thought to how you want to use your basement space. Do you want to make it a playroom for your kids? Will it be your office space or gym? Or will it be a family space? Or will this be a playroom for young kids?

So the primary thing you should ask yourself is who should be using this space.

Questions to narrow your basement flooring options

Once you decide who’ll be using the basement area, here is a list of questions you should consider to narrow your options.

  • How vital is softness on your feet?
  • Is your basement warm or cold?
  • Can you do anything to make it warm?
  • Are there any signs of damp and moisture in the basement?
  • Is your home in a flood-prone area?
  • Is your floor sub-level?
  • Is your sub-floor concrete or plywood?
  • What is your budget?

This sort of questionnaire will help you find out what works and what doesn’t work for your basement.  Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all floor coating for basements.  What’s right for you might not be suitable for the other family. It depends on preferences and priorities.

The Best Basement Floor Coating For You

You can always get the beautiful basement floors of your dream with epoxy floor coatings. No matter what your style/taste is, epoxy floor coatings can match your design aesthetics. They’re available in hundreds of colors and textures, allowing you to choose the coating that meets your needs.

Why should you choose epoxy floor coatings for your basement?

Here are a few reasons that why epoxy flooring is the best option:

  • Abrasion- and impact-resistant coatings
  • Extreme adhesion for fast, seamless installation
  • Vast selection of styles and colors to choose from
  • Resist fading from UV rays
  • Low-maintenance, cost-effective flooring

Few Other Options For Your Basement Floorings

If you think that epoxy coatings wouldn’t be your answer, we have few other options to choose from.

  • Vinyl tiles – These are perfect for budget strain people
  • Porcelain tiles – They are water-proof but requires extra efforts to prevent mildew
  • Concrete – These are slip-resistant, making them perfect for the utility area in your basement
  • Carpet – This cost-effective option is excellent as you can lift the carpet and air out during flood times.

Contact Transylvania Concrete Coatings

So if you’re tired of struggling with dull and dingy basement flooring’s, contact Transylvania Concrete Coatings to get the basement that adds value and function to your home. Our customers are 100% satisfied as we work diligently to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our products are innovatively structured that don’t show any signs of cracks and dullness for long years.

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