An unfinished basement is a dark, dingy space that no one wants to spend time in. Some older basement floors may even have cracks and stains that make them look unattractive. However, carpeting isn’t always the appropriate choice for basement flooring. This home area can be damp, which makes fiber carpets seem moist and unpleasant to walk across. Transylvania Concrete Coatings offers customers an alternative that will keep their floors functional and looking great for years.

Benefits of a Basement Epoxy Floor Coating

The basement is an area of the home that often serves as a multipurpose room. You may opt to section off part of it for a den or play area for the kids. A portion of the basement also frequently ends up being used as a workshop for household projects and hobbies. Unfinished basements are especially prone to household storage and DIY tasks. A durable basement epoxy floor coating can provide a surface that stands up to many different uses. Yet, this work results in heavy use, accidents, and falls. Transylvania Concrete Coatings are designed to be abrasion and impact-resistant to withstand dropped tools, paint cans, toys, and the scuffs and scrapes of shoes.

Our concrete coating service comes in a variety of colors and patterns that can easily be matched to your home’s decor too. You’ll be able to find a subtle pattern to use in the workshop or a bright, bold look that wows guests in a living area. Our products are easy to apply and won’t harm your family. Our polyurea or epoxy basement floor is available in:

  • Solid Color Epoxy
  • Solid Color Polyurea
  • Metallic Finish
  • Chip Finish
  • Quartz Floor Finish

If your children like running through the house, we also offer special anti-slip coatings that will help lower the risk of slips and falls. Transylvania Concrete Coatings can complete a concrete coating installation within as little as one day. To find out more about our epoxy floor finishes, give us a phone call or fill out our online form and receive a FREE price estimate!

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