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As a floor coating professional, you must consider tackling a few important things to transform damaged or unattractive floors into durable and eye-appealing surfaces.

1. Explain the installation process

You must inform your customers about the benefits of floor coatings. You must describe every step of the preparation process, give exact information about the quality of the products you’re going to apply, and explain how the installation process works. It will assure your customers that they’re in the right hands and will get the concrete floor coating, i.e., long-lasting, stain-resistant, and easy to maintain.

To do this, you must:

  • arrive on-site by the arranged time;
  • explain in detail what a floor coating process involves; and
  • answer all the questions and clear your client’s concerns about the process.

2. Do a thorough investigation of the surface

Before you take the project, do a thorough investigation of the surface to determine the surface’s current condition and check whether there are any pre-existing coatings or other toppings. If there is any pre-existing coating, find out its type and use the adequate method to remove it.

3. Prepare the surface for coating

To prepare the surface of your coating, start removing stains and imperfections carefully from the concrete. It’s essential to clean the old floor as it might have some oil and grease stains. Being a contractor, you also need to ensure that the product you’re using for stain removal is environmentally friendly. Once you remove stains from the floor, the next step is to repair all the cracks, holes, and scratches to even the surface. Make sure to remove all the traces of residues or dirt as they can badly influence coating adhesion.

4. Measure the level of moisture

If you’re dealing with concrete, measuring the level of moisture is essential. You can measure the moisture level using the relative humidity (RH) testing technique. This technique shows the exact degree of moisture/humidity that a sealed concrete will have to deal with. This economical, fast, and accurate testing method enables flooring professionals to decide the right time to install the floor coating. You mustn’t install the floor coating without the proper moisture mitigation because the moisture can cause peeling, de-bonding, or blistering of the coating.

5. Choose the day wisely

We know waiting for the right day and time to install the floor coating is inconvenient, but it plays a massive role in the best possible outcome. The best time to start with the flooring project is on days neither damp nor too hot or cold. Ideally, the temperature should range between 50 and 80 °F (10.0‒26.7 °C). If you install the floor coating at extreme temperatures outside of that range, there is always a risk of peeling, bubbling, and wasting both your time and your client’s.

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Some of the best flooring products available at Transylvania Concrete Coatings are:

  • Epoxy floor coatings
  • Polyurea floor finishes
  • Polyaspartics floor coating systems
  • Urethane flooring

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