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Why concrete coatings are a perfect fit for commercial and industrial floors?

A flooring foundation is always present in every commercial and industrial building. Although this foundation is quite durable and lasts for a long period, some wear and tear do take place when it is used in office spaces, factories, and warehouses. In this case, customized concrete coatings are the best option for commercial applications. These budget-friendly concrete coatings bring many advantages to business owners.

What are the applications of concrete coatings in commercial and industrial settings?

Lately, most companies opt for interior concrete flooring as their preferred choice because of the durability and ruggedness of commercial concrete floors. To protect concrete from the usual wear and tear and damage, a strict maintenance routine must be followed. And for this purpose, concrete coatings do a wonderful job. You will find these coatings in service centers, warehouses, dealerships, restaurants, retail stores, and educational institutes like schools and universities.

What are the benefits of concrete coatings?

Concrete coatings are always a good option when the appearance and durability of traditional floors need to be improved.

Wear and tear resistant

Concrete coatings ensure that natural wear and tear doesn’t take place within the flooring as the additional coating brings strong resistance to wear and tear. These coatings guard against ground abrasion, staining, flaking, and any other fault on the flooring.

Strong resistance against moisture

Concrete coatings are non-porous, ensuring the floor doesn’t become stain-prone, preventing water from damaging the flooring, and developing mold. This water-resistant quality saves the floor from repairs and replacement.


The cost per square foot of concrete coating is very economical when compared with other flooring solutions. Installation costs are lower since these coatings can be placed directly over concrete flooring.

Variety of color combinations

Concrete coatings are also used to bring aesthetics to commercial flooring. A variety of color combinations is available for businesses to choose from, or they can even come up with their own customized combination to enhance the ambiance.

Safer option

Concrete coatings are resistant to impact, slippage, heat, and fire, hence boosting safety at workplaces. Concrete coating’s textured features also help increase the brightness of spaces.

Maintained easily

Flooring needs continuous upkeep in restaurants, grocery shops, supermarkets, retail stores, and other commercial facilities. Lower maintenance requirements of concrete coatings make them ideal for these spaces. Concrete coatings are easy to clean with just a broom and mop to maintain business floors.

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