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Epoxy floor designs are increasing in popularity across the country from domestic to industrial installations. Epoxy floor coating is a process that utilizes resins and hardeners to make concrete floors durable, manageable, and beautiful. The process gives a durable designer finish to any concrete floor. These stunning epoxy floors make you wonder if they are the right choice for your home or commercial space. But what are the benefits that have created high demand for epoxy floor coatings? Well, there are many benefits that make epoxy flooring a popular choice for homes, garages, and businesses alike.

Scratch Resistant & Maintenance Free

To keep an epoxy floor clean and shiny, all you need is a quick sweep and an occasional mop, and you are sorted. Epoxy flooring systems are the easiest floors to clean and maintain. These floors are essentially maintenance-free since the surface of epoxy floors is virtually scratch-resistant and resilient to spills and stains.

Aesthetics & Customization

Epoxy flooring does not disappoint when it comes to design and beauty. It’s not only beautiful but it’s also highly customizable to meet any design aesthetic. Whether you are looking for a marble-like finish or a more rustic look, you can find what you are looking for in epoxy flooring options.

Sustainable & Environmentally Sound

The surface of the concrete subfloors that are already in place is cleaned and smoothened to install an epoxy floor. To achieve the desired shiny finish, the sustainable and hard resin coating that is applied to the clean concrete is then buffed. Epoxy floors are sustainable and environmentally sound because their installation uses the resources that are already in place.

Durable & Affordable

Epoxy floorings are not only affordable but these floors also last for decades to come. This saves you money in the long run on your overall maintenance cost. Once you install epoxy flooring, you won’t have to replace or refinish your floors for years to come, which is a huge money-saving feature.

The process of epoxy floor coating is best left to professionals. To find out more about the most affordable options for your flooring project needs, you can rely on Transylvania Concrete Coatings.

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