In today’s time, commercial designs, architecture, sustainability, and the environment-friendly building is the main focus. Many businesses look for ways in which they not only help in improving the environment but also help to save money and energy. Luckily, many materials are available that are both eco-friendly and sustainable.

When we talk about flooring solutions, you can get in touch with good concrete coating services. However, there are a few more environmentally and sustainable friendly solutions than concrete.

In this blog, we will discuss how and why concrete coatings are environmentally friendly.

Concrete coatings incorporate recycled material

One way that concrete coatings are eco-friendly is that most concrete coatings are made up of recycled materials. Few f these materials used within the concrete coatings include marble chips, crushed glass, and metal shavings. If in case you remove the concrete coatings, you can recycle them for other projects.

‘Raw materials’ are useful

When you install concrete coatings like polished concrete, there are very few useful materials. Most concrete coatings is created using waste byproducts and are pretty much the only product used when installation.

Reflect light and radiate heat

Another great thing about the concrete coating, especially polished concrete is that it reflects light and radiates heat well. It means that during the winter months, you can save a few extra dollars on your energy bills as your floors will help to provide warmth throughout your building. Polished concrete is also good at reflecting light. If your strategy is correct, you may allow natural lighting through windows to light up your entire building.


Proper installation by a polished concrete specialist, a concrete coating is one of the durable flooring solutions. Regular cleaning and maintenance are required to continue working and making it look good. The concrete coating can last for a lot more years than you expect. Other flooring solutions like wood, tiles, and even carpet can eventually wear out and need replacement. If you are looking for sustainability for your commercial building, the concrete coating is the right thing for you.

Avoiding harmful VOC’s

There is some type of maintenance products and flooring materials that emit harmful VOCs or volatile organic compounds into the air of your commercial building. Polished concrete is VOC-free. It results in cleaner air for your customers and employees.

Reduces dust and is resistant to mold

Carpets or other floor coverings often promote the growth of mold or generate dust. They also promote mildew when they become damp. Polished concrete coating, on the other hand, do not have these kinds of issues. As a result, they are a healthy alternative for individuals with allergies or other health issues.


Concrete coatings are one of the most economical flooring choices. It is true for the new foundations and commercial buildings. The reason is that choosing to keep the existing concrete coating exposed will end up being insignificantly less expensive compared to the new flooring solution.

As sustainable and environmentally friendly materials continue to be the most popular choices when we talk about commercial designs and architecture, do not look past concrete as your coating solution. Try to be eco-friendly as the concrete coating is also sustainable, durable, and economical.


If you want to learn more about polished concrete coating, you can make your business or facility more ‘green’. If you are looking for the best results, it is better to contact the best concrete coating company in Nj.

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