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Swimming pools are fun, and no one ever wants to look bad. If you’re planning to remodel your pool deck area, consider installing epoxy floor coatings to make your place aesthetically appealing and comfortable. These coatings are the perfect option to renovate your residence as the floorings are beautiful and don’t compromise durability.

If you don’t know what all things you must consider before installing pool deck floor coatings, check them out below:

1. Functionality

Swimming pools are accident-prone areas. It would help if you chose anti-skid floor coatings to reduce the risk of slips and falls accidents. Transylvania Concrete Coatings offer slip and water-resistant epoxy and polyurea floor coatings to protect your pool deck from water and moisture damage. It also makes your place safer for guests and family members.

2. Is it indoors or outdoor?

There are various floor coatings and other products that are not very fond of UV rays. If your pool is outdoors, you must choose 100% UV stable coatings that don’t get fade or deteriorate due to sun rays. Polyurea coatings are the perfect option for your outdoor, and epoxy is ideal for the indoor pool deck area.

3. Colors and textures

Before installing a new pool deck, the next thing you must consider is the colors and look you want for your pool deck area. Transylvania Concrete Coatings’ innovative floor coatings are available in various colors, textures, and styles. You can also customize the pool deck coatings to meet the aesthetics of your home. It will enhance the beauty of your pool area and increase the overall cost of your home.

Renovating your pool deck is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Don’t be afraid to choose different colors and materials with the look of granite, copper, or limestone. Besides, you can add a personal touch to your pool deck by stenciling a unique design on the surface of your concrete.

4. Budget

The budget plays a huge role in designing your pool deck area. Choose the coatings and other products that fit your budget, ensuring that it does not compromise quality results. You can also fill out Transylvania Concrete Coatings free quote online form to get an estimation for your place.

Some other ideal materials for your pool deck area

The deck around your pool has a challenging but important job to do. It not only withstand the brutal harshness of chlorinated water but also gets exposed to the Sun, bears wildly-changing temperatures, and even the occasional rainfall. A pool deck needs to be highly durable and have numerous other qualities. Some other floor materials that you can choose for your pool deck area are:

  • Concrete
  • Natural timber
  • Tiles
  • Composite

As we all know, nothing is better than enjoying swimming in a pool on hot summer days. If you have a pool in your home, you should be very careful with its flooring to avoid slip and fall accidents. You must install floorings that are beautiful, slip-resistant, and long-lasting.

At Transylvania Concrete Coatings, we offer smooth and textured polyurea pool deck coatings. These floor coatings can enhance your pool area’s look and provide additional safety from slips and falls. We are also committed to 100% customer satisfaction by offering durable floor finishes and a quick installation process.

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