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When it comes to reviving your garage floor surface, there are many things like painting the garage floor, filling the cracks, and more. However, these are short-term fixes only and don’t offer much in terms of protection for your floor. And before you know it, you are repeating the entire process to fix your garage floor. The best option is to have a proper garage floor coating done to avoid such a situation from arising.

What should you consider before choosing a garage floor coating in NJ?

You need to consider several factors to make the right decision. Here are some crucial questions to ask when looking for the best garage floor coating for your home.

1. Does the floor coating has a superior look?

Choosing the right floor coating should be your top priority. A garage floor is often the most roughly treated room floor of your entire home. It should be tough enough to handle heavy weights, frequent foot traffic, and sturdy to deal with outdoor temperature variations. With the innovative garage floor coatings of Transylvania Concrete Coatings (Epoxy Floor Coatings), you can get world-class durability and designer style. It could be the best fit for your garage floor.

2. How many colors are available? 

The color you choose for your garage floor can significantly impact how your garage looks aesthetically. Opt for the color that complements the rest of your garage. You need to consider everything from the color of your vehicle to the colors of your drywall, cabinetry, and garage doors. Select the coating that offers a wide variety of color options so that you won’t have to compromise on your garage aesthetics.

3. Do you need professional services?

Garage floor coating requires a specific skill set to get the desired results. Choose a company with well-experienced and trained professionals who offer garage floor coating services in NJ. You can always trust Transylvania Concrete Coatings. We’re proud to provide the best garage floor coatings anywhere in INew Jersey with expert installations and top-notch customer service to match. Our designers can also help you choose the best garage floor coatings as per your aesthetic and budget requirements.

4. Is it resistant to household chemicals? 

Fluids like cleaning products, oil, gas, and engine coolant can all damage your floor’s finish, so you must choose a coating that offers excellent chemical resistance. Road salt also damages your garage floor’s finish. You must invest in a garage floor coating that delivers the highest degree of chemical resistance possible. Regardless of the style you choose – from epoxy garage floor coating to chip, metallic, and polyurea; all garage floor coatings available at Transylvania Concrete Coatings offer resistance against abrasions, chemicals, and sun damage.

5. Is there any warranty?

A new flooring solution is an investment. You need to hire a company that offers a warranty. Usually, companies that don’t stand behind their work use substandard products or provide the improper application. It significantly impacts the lifespan of your new floor, and you again have to replace or repair it within a few months, which is not ideal. We at Transylvania Concrete Coatings are confident about our quality products and craft. It is why we offer a lifetime warranty on our floor coating finishes. 

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