It will soon be summertime, and if you haven’t prepared yet, it’s time to prepare your backyard spaces to make the most out of the sunny and warm weather. One of the best ways to escape the heat of the warm summer days and get plenty of exercise is to take a dip in the swimming pool. If you own a pool, you must consider some safety measures as part of your backyard preparation. When we talk about safety, many people think of the pool as a potential hazard since a slippery pool deck has been one of the leading causes of pool-related injuries.

Benefits of concrete pool deck coating

If you have an existing pool in your home or planning to have one, consider applying a professional pool deck coating. Pool owners can get the design they want alongside the durability and safety needed for a secure swimming area.

Now let’s dive a bit deeper and look at some of the benefits of adding a concrete deck coating to a swimming pool.

Easy on feet

There’s a reason why people wear shoes when they walk on concrete. Between the ability to soak up the sun’s rays and the surface’s roughness, concrete can be uncomfortable to walk on barefoot. It may also cause inconvenience when you try to get into the pool. Pool deck coatings help make the surrounding surface softer, becoming the most viable option.

Slip-resistant surface

It is crucial for pool decks to be slip-resistant. The reason is that the floors tend to get wet quickly as the swimmers splash water out of the pool. They may also bring water with them when they exit the pool. A wet surface creates a safety hazard, as slipping near the pool means landing on the hard concrete surface. It may also result in potential dangers associated with falling into the pool afterward and possibly hitting one’s head. Instead of having standard, slippery concrete, these coatings apply between 4-5 layers of protection. It will keep your deck space looking great while also providing a non-slip surface that most standard pool decks cannot offer.

Aesthetically appealing

Indeed, a concrete pool deck is not the most attractive area in your yard. It can also turn out to be an eyesore. However, epoxy concrete deck coatings let pool owners get endless choices regarding the design, color, and style of the surface that surrounds the pool. Additionally, they can make custom colors if no style or color is available that fits your home.


Concrete pool coatings are highly durable. In addition to the pool decks, they are also useful in various commercial and residential applications like industrial buildings, schools, and garages. The design of these coatings can withstand areas with heavy foot traffic. They are durable enough for the space around the pool. The cool temperatures of the winter roll around, and the coating around your pool can withstand the conditions without cracking.


If your pool deck is not looking great as it should, you must consider redoing it entirely. However, coating the pool deck rather than having it redone may cost you less. You will not only save money from concrete pool deck installation, but you’ll also be susceptible to save money through reduced medical costs for pool-related injuries.


The above benefits clearly show that investing in your pool deck will help you save more money. All you need to do is get professional concrete deck coating installation. When you choose to install pool deck coating, it will be completely cured and ready to use within a day.

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