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Durability, longevity, waterproofing, and easy application – if you are after a floor coating that offers you all these benefits, then polyurea floor coating is for you. The popularity of epoxy flooring often used in home garages is facing tough competition from polyurea floor coating. It offers a variety of uses that go beyond garage use.

Difference Between Epoxy Flooring And Polyurea Floor Coatings

A floor coating is used to cover concrete to hide years of wear and tear. However, there are differences between epoxy flooring and polyurea floor coating. Both these coatings differ visually, their UV stability varies, durability factor differs, their moisture barriers are different, and so is the slip resistance and lifespan.

Polyurea For Garages

Polyurea coating can hold up to the temperature and moisture extremes. That is why a polyurea-coated garage floor will not sustain damage from parking your vehicle with hot tires on it, while an epoxy floor may show signs of damage.

Polyurea For Home Gyms

If you need a floor that can hold your home gym’s heavy weights and machines, plus resist cracking or chipping if you drop a weight on the floor, then polyurea is the ideal flooring for you. Polyurea can stand up to impacts and have the option for varying levels of slip resistance. It will definitely deliver the lasting performance you need.

Polyurea For Laundry Rooms

Polyurea flooring is the solution to all the needs of laundry rooms. It offers a slip-resistant surface in case water from wet clothes gets on the floor. Polyurea floor coating offers a durable surface that can stand up to moisture, humidity, and temperature changes.

Polyurea For Finished Basements

With polyurea’s stain resistance, you don’t need to worry about a spilled drink in your basement, because polyurea floorings are durable and easy to clean. To remove any dust from the surface, only a dust mop will suffice, while a sponge mop is required for regular cleaning of heavily-trafficked areas.

Polyurea For Outdoor Pool Areas

You need a durable surface coating like polyurea to stand up to the moisture, UV rays, and temperature swings that an outdoor pool area would experience because epoxy floor coatings won’t do the job. To make the area safe for everyone, you want the maximum possible slip resistance. With polyurea floor coatings, you can choose various slip resistance levels for your surface.

Other Uses

Homes are not the only places where polyurea flooring has uses. There are many commercial applications of polyurea floor coatings. A variety of businesses have made this floor coating their surface of choice. From auto shops to hospitals, many businesses take advantage of polyurea floor coatings’ durability and long life.

We only take a single day to install polyurea floor coatings in commercial and residential spaces. You can contact Transylvania Concrete Coatings to find out more about polyurea floor coatings. Our professional technicians are ready to help you get better flooring for whatever space you need polyurea floor coating’s extra benefits.

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