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When concrete flooring is installed the right way, it serves its functional purpose and adds an aesthetic element to any building. So, what factors must one keep in mind when opting for the right concrete flooring type? First of all, the budget becomes one of the most critical factors in the decision. The climate plays an important part when choosing the type of concrete flooring because the durability factor will matter a lot in the decision. Let’s look at the options available for different types of concrete flooring.

Carpeted Concrete Flooring

One of the most common ways is to lay a thin layer of carpet on top of the floor to attain an aesthetic look. This is mainly applied in commercial environments, where the primary purpose is to achieve a soothing effect that oozes a warm feeling.

Stamped Concrete Flooring

This flooring type is design-driven, with either geometric shapes and patterns or an image used on the surface of the flooring. The design could range anything from monochromatic imprints to colorful options according to customer spending.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Flooring

It’s one of the most common styles customers go for. It contains small chips of rocks or stones for a speckled look. This option is straightforward to maintain, but it also gives the living space a beautiful rustic look.

Epoxy Coated Concrete Flooring

This type of concrete flooring is highly suited for environments with a high possibility of liquid spills because of its waterproof offering. It could be laid out in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry facilities. The surface of epoxy-coated concrete flooring is painted with enamel paint or epoxy for water resistance.

Acid Stain Concrete Floors

Acid stain concrete flooring uses mixed color pigments before the concrete surface becomes hard. This process gives the floor a rough and porous appearance.

Polished Concrete Floors

Customers typically go for polished floors when opting for a somewhat shiny look. The surface of this type of flooring can be shiny and sleek with a textured or smooth look. The polish works to further enhance the existing color of the concrete.

Granite Lookalike Concrete Flooring

Granite flooring is an expensive option; hence, granite lookalike concrete flooring. This effect is achieved by running quartz crystals through the floor. This process brings resemblance to natural stone floors.

Epoxy Grout Concrete Flooring

In this process, epoxy resin is poured onto the surface as it becomes problematic. Quartz stones are then used to achieve a smooth effect and a glossy finish. This type of flooring is for those who want a very high gloss finish.


Concrete floorings bring durability, versatility, and affordability to the premises and living spaces. However, people need to be informed how the right concrete flooring can fetch excellent results for the customers.
Are you in need of giving your living space a makeover? Then let’s start with a new concrete floor for a unique and stylish look. Call us today for a quote.

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