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Slips and trips are common in almost every industry and one of the most common reasons for work injuries. In many cases, the floor surface is an essential factor. It can be dirty, wet, or uneven. Moreover, mats or carpets covering the floor can get damaged or loose.

It is imperative to understand what flooring helps prevent trips and slips. If you know what kind of floor coating is best for a particular workplace, it will drastically reduce the chances of injuries.

What kind of floor condition reduces the chances of injuries?

Floors are majorly slip-resistant when they are dry—however, workplaces, where solvents, oil, dust, or water are prevalently used may substantially reduce the non-slip effectiveness.

Worn surfaces are usually a problem with concrete and steel as it increases the chances of slips and falls. In general, a duller surface is more slip-resistant.

Something that gives flooring slip resistance is the grit surface. It provides traction through the presence of rough edges and hard surfaces that grips footwear well. The grip is sometimes created by silica or quartz sand, or aluminum oxide. However, the component that helps in creating grit is epoxy floor coating, and the main benefit is its durability.

Looking for the best slip-resistant flooring option for your warehouse concrete floor in NJ is vital for reducing workplace injuries. Below are the five best slip-resistant flooring options:

Tiles and mats

Anti-slip tiles and mats that you can interlock can fit together during installation. It is made of polyurethane, PVC, or rubber. The traction can increase with the use of corrugates, ribbed, or knobbed top surfaces. Tiles and mats are useful in workplaces like food processing plants, where the floors are usually greasy.

The construction of the anti-slip tiles and mats helps the workers to get rid of the wet floor. It also helps the spilled fluid drain down through deep ridges or holes while the grit surface stays dry.

Steps and floor coverings

Floor coverings are used commonly in the food processing, transportation, gas, and oil industries. The use is also in oil and chemical refining facilities. You can create non-slip surfaces on flat walkways through the use of coverings. You can also customize these, as they can help you fit different widths and area lengths and are attached to the substrate by adhesives and medical fasteners.

Most manufacturing facilities use a color that increases the non-slip effectiveness of a mat or covering. It is a good idea to use two contrasting colors. It helps the workers to distinguish between the edge of stairs easily. In the manufacturing facilities, color helps to identify the safe path designated for visitors and office staff. The primary color of the covering can be green, while the edges can be yellow.

Floor Coatings

Paints or anti-slip coatings work well on large areas and are best applicable to conventional floorings like metal, wood, and concrete. Floor coating yields considerable traction that is useful in warehouse workplaces, factories, and industries. Coatings work best on the exterior and interior surfaces to create a textured visible surface. The area can be colored or transparent.

In contrast, the coatings create a surface texture on top of the substrate, the non-slip treatments that comes with a chemical increase the roughness of the floor surface. If you are looking for industrial concrete floor coatings in NJ, you must get in touch with the floor coating professionals in the area.


Treatments work on those surfaces where street shoes are worn. The application is usually on hard surfaces that become slippery if it gets wet. Standard applications are vinyl, terrazzo, granite, ceramic with porcelain and concrete tile.

The treatment helps to retain the floor’s original appearance. It is an attractive option for organizations and businesses that serve the public like transit, schools, governments, hotels, stores, banks, and offices.


The topmost advantage of the anti-slip tapes is that you can install them over irregular surfaces. The tapes come in different lengths and widths, along with varying strengths and sizes. They are good to use in scaffolding planks and construction sites. The use is usually on the ladder rungs, stairs, truck running boards, wheelchair ramps, and shower areas. Tapes are a quick fix and inexpensive, but they need replacement or repair regularly.


Different workplaces need different slip-resistant flooring solutions. For example, in the municipal transport sector like, subway systems, safety managers must consider the flooring to meet stringent fire retardant requirements. In addition, exit and entry points must have photoluminescence for emergencies.

Whatever the surface is, a good cleaning is always a must. Even if you get slip-resistant floor coating, you must keep in mind that you have to keep it clean, or the flooring will become prone to falls and slips leading to workplace injuries. Floor coatings for the workplace are an ideal solution to make the floor slip-resistant.

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