Advantages of Polyaspartic Coatings are chemical resistance, abrasion-free in extreme environments, UV Stability, fast return to service, and durability. Your machinery or concrete flooring may be challenging, but lack of proper seal will make it wear out prematurely. Whether you are in a hot high-traffic commercial space, outdoors, or indoors, a Polyaspartic coating may give you robust and long-lasting protection.

Below are a few advantages of Polyaspartic Floor coatings:

Protection from corrosion

Corrosion is one thing that also puts your long-term budget in vain apart from eating away your equipment. A Polyaspartic coating offers protection against corrosion for wind power stations, commercial vehicles, agricultural equipment, and other machinery subject to weather conditions.

Ideal for decorative concrete in high traffic area

If you are a retail store, hotel, mall, or restaurant owner, the first you want is traffic. The last thing you want is that you can’t handle it. The incredible durability and abrasion resistance of a polyaspartic protective coating make it ideal for decorative and stained concrete and concrete overlays in high-traffic commercial areas. Because of the shine and clarity of the coating, it can help restore faded color.

No or little downtime

Because it has no or low volatile organic compounds, in other words, no harsh solvents, it cures less downtime and cures faster. Remarkably, customers and employees can re-enter your space within a few hours.

Eliminate slips, control humidity, and temperature

Concrete floor coatings can sweat, causing all kinds of issues in the garage, regardless of how you have designed the space. In these situations, workshops with tools become on the verge of exposure to humidity and moisture due to these conditions’ risks for rusting. Polyaspartic floor coatings are sealed and seamless, creating a perfect protective bulwark between your garage floor surface and concrete foundation. It reduces the risk of slips by stopping sweating and laying down on especially slip-resistant floor coating.

Easy cleaning

Concrete flooring franchises have often come on the scene to see the stain-covered concrete floors. It could be hard to stop your bare concrete floors from accumulating wear and dirt. The coarse, porous surfaces scrape the work boots clean and remove any stains. Concrete floors are easier to clean, so you need to be conscious of your cleaning products. It makes sure that it doesn’t eat up your surface.

Polyaspartic coatings make cleaning like a breeze. You can get a perfectly seamless, sealed, and smooth surface as you can see your broom or mop gliding across the surface. It becomes impossible for grime and dirt to hide, and they do not get any coarse textures to cling on.

Keeps your family safe from falls and slips

Coarse concrete can sometimes be a tripping hazard. It is evident in homes where chunks have been knocked out of the concrete with drops and may impact over the years, but even minor chips can be enough to catch your toe or sole as you walk by—sweating concrete results in a slip waiting to happen. Whatever would be the cause, falling on coarse concrete is never good.

The polyaspartic floor coating can help cut a lot of slips out of your life. Impervious and slip-resistant to concrete sweating help minimize the slippery surfaces you encounter in the garage with the polyaspartic coatings.

Repel staining

Polyaspartic coatings provide perfect sealing that does not let any stains accumulate. In contrast, concrete soaks up grime and stains. It is unsightly and unsafe because volatile compounds spill and settle in. Even if you fail to find a way to stain your polyaspartic floor coating, the different designs can easily mask stains until you find time to clean them away.

Things that make Polyaspartic Polyurea coatings revolutionary

Polyaspartic Polyurea coatings deliver the performance traditionally expected from a polyurethane coating but at a much high level. It is a low-to-zero volatile organic compound (VOC), so the cure time turns out to be much faster.

It comes with physical and chemical resistance, flexibility, and protective strength and makes it a popular solution for:

  • Garage floors (offers resistance to grease, oil, and gas)
  • Industrial applications (pipeline and pipe coatings, utility holes, water treatment plants, tank and sewer linings)
  • The molded parts industry and automotive refinish (due to its fast cure time, even at ambient temperatures)


The advantages that polyaspartic coatings have over concrete are practically endless. The bottom line is that polyaspartic coatings are more durable, immune to water problems, stain-resistant, easy to clean, and safer to use than barren concrete.

To learn more about polyaspartic coating, visit our website today and schedule a free consultation.

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