Why Get Durable and Safer Concrete Coatings for Commercial Floors?

commercial floors coating

If you are looking for ways to make your floor attractive and last longer, the best way is to coat them. If you properly coat a floor, it will protect poured concrete from wear and tear along with germs. In a commercial space, especially areas with high foot traffic, floor coating helps to make your floor look good. It also helps it to remain intact for the long haul.

Concrete is a porous surface that means an untreated concrete floor will absorb bacteria, water, and dirt, leading to decay.

Below are some benefits of getting concrete coatings in your commercial space.

Safety enhancement

In a restaurant or hospitality industry area, you want something that can handle moving furniture. Food spills, constant food traffic, and even plate drops. A floor coating can quickly improve the surface traction, making falls and slips less likely. It can also enhance wear resistance, potentially helping to maintain the floor’s useful lifespan.

The floor coating can also be reflective and transparent, allowing it to aid in lighting by reflecting light. It can help to save the energy required to light the space.

Improve cleanliness

Commercial floor coatings help in protecting and extending the life of the floor. It also contributes to cleanliness and more excellent hygiene. It can help to fight against the spread of germs, contamination, and bacterial growth.

Another area in a commercial space that often spreads germs is the public restroom. You need to have a durable floor coating that can withstand foot traffic and ensure cleanliness in the washroom.

Look for a concrete coating company that can offer you slip-resistant and built with accessible clean technologies. Companies also offer nonporous coatings that are 100% anti-microbial, meaning your bathroom floor will not harbor the growth of mildew, molds, and bacteria keeping your facility safe and clean.

Variety of options

People with a showroom will require a floor that looks as appealing as your merchandise. Look for high-quality options to make a choice. Many companies offer designs and specially formulated floor coatings of top-grade strength and stability.

You can also find floor coatings that work great for space needing high-quality floor coatings. Companies also offer coatings that are specifically formulated for cold weather installations. It has the strength to resist chemical damage, along with the flexibility to withstand repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

All these options come with a variety of design and color options. It helps to ensure that you are not only getting a floor built to withstand the specific issues of your commercial industry but one so pretty you might catch some of your customers taking selfies on the floor.

Resistance to chemicals and moisture

The coating helps to seal the floor. It means that it is no longer porous like a typical cement floor. It means that something – whether – chemical, drink or nail polish spills, your employees do not need to worry about the liquid seeping into the floor and to cause the damage. It can also make your floor somewhat resistant to corrosion, thus giving the floor a longer life.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

The meaning is simple. It means that floor coatings make it easier to clean your floor with a coating on it. Without holes and cracks, not only will that stop the liquid from seeping into the floor, but it will also keep everything right there on the surface. For commercial spaces with lots of potential spills and need to clean regularly, such as supermarkets, restaurants, or malls, a floor coating is a great way that allows easy and quick regular cleanings.


Floor coating is a great way to enhance your space’s usability and aesthetic appeal. No matter your business needs, the experts at One-day floors are here to help. Get in touch with us today for a free no-obligation estimate!

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