Having a pool in your backyard is a great way to stay cool during summer and get plenty of exercises. It probably makes your home one of the most popular sports in the neighborhood too! But, there is always the risk of slipping and falling with pools. Avoid the potential for an accident with a textured concrete floor coating installation on your pool deck.

Concrete pool deck coatings from Transylvania Concrete Coatings not only enhance the beauty of any area but are also very functional. You’ll find that there are many reasons to install this particular product.

Why Choose Concrete Floor Coating Installation?

First of all, the concrete coating service by Transylvania Concrete Coatings is fast. Your pool deck will be completely cured and ready to use within one day when you choose an epoxy floor coating. Plus, our polyurea coating is uniquely suited to an outdoor setting as it is slightly flexible, allowing it to expand and contract with temperature changes to prevent cracking and chipping.

These floor coatings also boast firm adhesion. They won’t peel or lift the way other types of products do. Yet, you’ll have a lovely deck that wows visitors. We can provide various style options to match your pool and outside decor. Consider the quartz flooring system for a classic, understated feel, and enjoy the durability of its multi-layer application. You may also want to explore one of our other many finishes, such as a:

  • Metallic Floor Coating
  • Chip Flake Coating
  • Solid Color Coating

Whatever your final choice is in an anti-slip concrete coating, you’ll receive a product that keeps your family safe without sacrificing beauty. To find out more about our epoxy and polyurea coating systems. We’ll be happy to give you additional information and a free price quote.

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