How Concrete Floor Coatings are Perfect Choice for Commercial Kitchens?

Commercial kitchen floor coatings

Kitchen flooring is prone to harsh circumstances. It requires floor coating that can tolerate heavy equipment, spills from an assortment of materials, high temperatures, and steady exposure to moisture.

When we speak of floor coatings, a concrete floor coating is one of the perfect choices for commercial kitchens. The reason is that it is one of the best floor coatings in terms of sanitation and safety. You can find a lot of ways to create durable and safe commercial kitchen floors. But one of the most effective measures would be to get concrete floor coating for the kitchen floor.

Here are a few reasons why you need concrete floor coatings for commercial kitchens:

  • Moisture: Restaurants and commercial spaces are those places where moisture breeds. Humidity can come from multiple ways like cleaning, washing dishes, spills, cooking, and overall temperature control. These activities also cause dampness on the floor surface. Concrete floor coating helps in reducing the risk of the kitchen floor becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and pathogens.
  • Safety: The habit of floor maintenance differs from restaurant to restaurant. It depends on the types of ingredients that come in contact with the floor and the preferences of the management. In addition to the growth of the pathogen, moisture present in the kitchen presents a fall and slip hazard. Concrete floor coatings in NJ offer good slip resistance provides good traction for guests and workers and helps with keeping things clean.
  • Chemicals: It is one of the aspects that may decrease floor longevity. The material that cleaners use to disinfect floors, surfaces, windows, and ovens usually contains harsh chemicals. The daily use of detergents and degreasers exposes restaurant flooring to cracking and blistering. Your concrete floor coatings protect the floor from all the harsh chemical reactions and help the floor last longer.
  • Temperature: The floor of the restaurant must endure a wide range of temperatures. For this, a good floor coating must withstand varied temperature sections in a restaurant like walk-in freezers, chilly coolers, or heated dining areas. Places like cooking areas, hot water sprays, or dishwashing areas expel heat, and commercial floors are the ones that end up enduring it. These extreme temperatures often lead to gaps in the floor, thus creating a safety hazard. Restaurant floor coating saves the floors from all the possible temperature damages.
  • Décor: The décor of the restaurant impacts the customer experience just like the food. The visual aesthetics makes a lasting impression. Floor coating can be the largest canvas in a restaurant. So even if you go for a concrete floor coating, choose your design and style to match your restaurant’s theme.

These were some basic facts that you must keep in mind before choosing commercial kitchen floor coatings in NJBelow are a few benefits of the concrete floor coatings:

1. Keep the environment hygienic

If you want to create a hygienic environment in your kitchen, you must keep up with all the EPA, FDA, and USDA requirements.

A slight breach in the kitchen environment could pose significant health complications to the workers and people who visit the food establishments. Floor coating, carpeting, and tile systems utilize grout that covers the areas where there is a high chance of food particles or other substances accumulating. If not taken care of, this may cause the proliferation of microbial.

Floor coatings are helpful and offer a seamless surface with complete coverage. It helps create a hygienic, safe floor that won’t endanger the health of those who eat and work within the food facility.

2.Slip-resistant coatings prevent accidents

Commercial kitchen floors end up suffering damage to some degrees, and it is primarily due to spillage. It could be in the form of oil, water, or any other fluid. It can also be in the form of meat, juices, butter, or any other item.

The spillage could result in potential slips and fall hazards. It is the reason why it is essential to get a floor coating that includes slip-inhibiting properties. However, floor coating must have an equal balance between optimal traction and the ability to clean properly.

Concrete floor coatings offer this service, and can you can clean them easily with the use of an automatic scrubber, pressure washer, steam cleaner, or even a traditional mop will work.

3. Strength and resistance are essential

The kitchen floors, especially the commercial ones, are expensive. Replacements and repairs are not only costly but also result in the loss of profits and time. It is the reason why these floors must be as resistant to substances and temperatures as possible. They must be able to exhibit the highest level of strength.

If the coating is wrong, then it may start to crack, blister or peel. Apart from that, it may face other issues as well. If you integrate the restaurant floor coating with concrete coatings, it enhances the sheer resistance of the floor along with its overall strength.


If you want to create a hygienic environment and prevent accidents, make sure that your commercial kitchen floor is strong and resistant. The above facts and benefits will help you understand why concrete floor coatings are one of the perfect choices for a commercial kitchen. If you have questions or want to learn more about concrete coatings, give us a call at 856.212.1250.

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