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When we talk about garage floor coatings, there are many misconceptions that you might hear. Many people buy into the wrong facts and get the correct ones jumbled. It causes them to make the wrong choice in the end. If you consider garage floor coatings or think of a flooring makeover, you must attain the correct information.

Here in this blog, we have mentioned a few myths you must not believe while looking for the best floor coatings.

1. Re-coating every five years

We can’t deny this myth is wrong, and it has a bit of truth in it. It is fair for the people who use DIY kits. The amateur applications won’t stand regular wear, unlike the coatings done by professionals. In a few cases, dodgy applications may also cause the coatings to wear off quickly. Thirdly, preparation of the concrete floor might not be quite adequate. In this case, the epoxy layers won’t adhere well.

The most recurrent problem with the coatings is losing their luster over time. A coat of epoxy is one thing that requires for restoring the shine.

2. Clean the garage floor for coating

If you are trying to prep up your floor for epoxy coating, it is not simple at all. You need to make sure that the layers of epoxy coating bond well with the floor.

Remember that the concrete floor needs preparation to a profile of two to remove loose cement. The steps also help in the clearance of any other kind of contaminants. It helps make the concrete surface more porous for the epoxy coating to adhere better.

Acid etching is sufficient with a DIY kit, but it is not applicable for the professional floor coating service. The garage floor coating needs to be shot-blasted lightly to a mechanically diamond ground. Diamond grinding is a method that’s used widely for garage floors.

3. Use of paints in place of epoxy

There is no comparison between epoxy and paint. Epoxy is a liquid made of hardeners and treated resin. A layer of paint is under one mil (one mil equals 1/1000 of an inch) when dry and under two mils when wet, while the epoxy is thick. Each layer applied is about 8-12 mils thick. Epoxies and the other flooring materials adhere and make the bond sturdier with the floor. They also perform better under UV resistance, chemical resistance, and abrasion, making them more flexible than paint.

4. Go for cheap coating as all the coating are identical

A professional garage floor coating company will implement tested techniques and be more skilled. No DIY kit would indeed be able to match them. The job usually takes applying multiple layers and hours of labor to get good results.

 DIY kits are fine, but the result is nowhere compared to the floor done by professionals.

5. Getting the garage floor coating by professionals is expensive

If you are a homeowner, you need to be vigilant about the prices. Also, remember the fact that not all floor coating services are reliable. There is always a possibility for a ‘not so good business’ to quote you with exorbitant prices. They often take advantage of the fact that the client does not possess as much knowledge and can easily rip them off.

Some clients complain that our quotation is higher than others. So, be aware that many companies get away with the money from their clients. They state that their floor needs more layers of coating. They also sometimes fool the homeowners by telling them to add more coating layers than the actual requirement.

6. Epoxy coating is only for drab industrial floors

The appealing part of this painting is that you can apply it in various colors. You can paint a floor with these colors and have a dozen shades to choose from within each color family. But something people fail to realize is that epoxy coating can also be colorful. The floors are helpful in the garage because of their durability. One thing to note is that their use in industrial settings makes them look drab.

7. Epoxy coatings lack slip-resistance

Epoxy coatings are smooth, and they become more glossy after their cure. However, despite its shine, epoxy is not slippery. Its use in industrial facilities like horse stables, factories, warehouses, etc., is quite frequent. You can also get added slip resistance non-skid additives if you anticipate your garage floors to get oily or wet.


There can be a lot of different approaches when it comes to renovation or revamping your garage floors. Even though you can do it yourself, it is better to hire a professional service. It will help the garage floor coating to last longer. You can search for good epoxy garage floor installers in NJ and find the best service providers in your area. Trust us! A professional installation can even last a decade.

If you are interested to know more about the garage floor coatings or have any queries, you can directly contact our team. Our team will assist you. They will also share their extensive knowledge and experience in installing garage floor coatings.

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