How is Polished Concrete Floor Coating a Right Option for Apartment Complex?

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Concrete flooring is not just for industrial, home garage, or factory floor coatings but is also for apartment complexes. Polished concrete floors may look beautiful with their glass-like appearance, but it also causes foot traffic, especially from pet claws and high heels!

This blog will discuss how polished concrete floor coating is the best choice for your apartment complex.

Understanding Polished Concrete Floor coating

Polished concrete floor coating is not the same as the standard floor coating. A simple reason to understand this is that a concrete floor attracts specks of dust and wears with constant use. It also creates a layer of dust in the area. However, it is not the same for polished concrete floors.

Concrete is usually honed and ground before bonding with unique compounds to create a polished or glass look.

Benefits of polished concrete floor coating

Below are a few benefits of installing concrete floor coating in the apartment complex:


Floors in apartment complexes, especially hallways or other communal zones, are prone to hard-wearing. It is because people are constantly moving over them—potentially scuffing their feet, dragging items, and bringing in outside debris. The durability of polished concrete can be measured through its resistance against heavy foot traffic and its appearance.


Polished concrete floor coating gives a clean, finished look to the floor that is easy to sweep, mop, or vacuum. It helps keep the area clean and discourages rodents and other pests from entering the building.

Pest prevention

Polished concrete floor coating is not attractive to pests as they cannot eat it. It makes an excellent choice for all the communal spaces that can be hard to keep clean and free from pests.

Places where the polished concrete coating is a good option

Now, let’s explore where it could be an ideal flooring solution in the apartment complex:


If you plan on upgrading the bare concrete slabs that serve as the patios for the first-floor residents, concrete polish floor coating is the right solution.

Community hallways

Apartment hallways have constant foot traffic. It includes the residents and additional traffic from tenants moving in or out.

A polished concrete floor coating helps hold up regular foot traffic and functions much better than carpets. It also makes it easier to wheel equipment loaded up with boxes and furniture.

Apartment dining areas and entryways

If you are ready to install polished concrete flooring in the hallways of your apartment buildings, it makes sense to install it inside the area of apartment homes. It is easy to design with polished concrete floor coating if we talk about entryways.

In cases where the apartment’s dining area is adjacent to the entryway, it would be the most economical decision to install polished concrete in that area. One great thing about polished concrete is that it is easy to clean. However, it would help if you kept in mind that it also needs regular cleaning.


Polished floor concrete coating is a good option for an apartment complex. However, remember that it doesn’t imply that it is the right choice for every area of your apartment community. For example, polished concrete floor coating is not suitable for pool decks, grilling areas, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Your apartment community may have other places that would function better with a polished concrete floor coating. You can contact Transylvania Concrete Coatings to get more information about the floor coatings.

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