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Salons have specific needs due to their unique setup that can help boost their business’s functionality and efficiency. As a salon owner, the flooring must appear appealing and must effectively withstand the rigors of a busy salon environment. Unfortunately, many kinds of salon flooring may force you to decide between two qualities: a flooring that has durability but with no aesthetics or an aesthetically appealing floor but will wear off quickly. However, there is another option that contains both qualities: concrete floor coatings, which we consider the best flooring solution for salons.

Here in this blog, we’ll discuss a few quick points that’ll help you understand the reason why we say so.

Concrete floor coatings look good.

Salon owners prefer spaces that can easily accommodate a layout for sinks, dryers, vanities, and chairs. They like to create a pampering, spa-like experience for their customers. Therefore, the quality of their flooring should be durable and aesthetically-pleasing to the eyes, so their clients would feel great when they walk out of the salon.

Concrete floor coatings can be applied directly to the concrete and are the ultimate flooring choice for salons. They can be:

  • Stained or colored to match any hue
  • Finished to resemble marble, slate, or tile
  • Enhances with custom graphics, medallions, or decorative stenciled borders

Easy cleaning

Hairdressers must be able to restore elegance with the broom. In addition to their decorative merits, cement floor finishes are easy to maintain if applied to the floor surface in the right way. The coating can endure heavy foot traffic. The reason is that it is moisture and stain-resistant and won’t harbor dust mites, allergens, mildew, and mold. A non-porous concrete floor has no frayed edges or cracks to trap dirt and other debris and can also be applied vertically over cove moldings for a seamless basin that can prevent water from getting under the walls.

Resistant to chemicals and abrasion

Salon owners prefer floors that are chemical resistant and highly durable. That is because hairdressers work with sharp tools like clippers and scissors, hot items like flat irons, curling irons and dryers, and chemicals from hair treatments and hair dyes. If these things are accidentally dropped to the floor, they won’t be able to damage the non-porous concrete floor.

Anti-slip surface

After applying the non-slip solution to the slippery concrete, the sealer will create a semi-gloss, transparent coating. This anti-slip concrete finish is UV-resistant, chemical resistant, and durable. It is the perfect solution to treat slippery concrete floors where anti-slip protection is highly required. Heavy foot traffic between customers and practitioners, dripping wet hair, chemical colorants, and washbasins may create a slippery environment. Therefore, a coating that provides slip resistance is a must.

Quick installation

As a salon owner, it is liable for you to show your concerns about how long you will have to close your business for installing a new floor. You can already walk over the surface 4 to 8 hours after applying the coating. Therefore, it makes concrete coating an ideal choice for businesses that can’t afford to lose revenue from downtime. Besides, concrete coatings have low odor and VOCs, making installation even less disruptive to business.


When you invest in concrete coatings, you can avoid disappointments other salon owners may have with their flooring. With the wide variety of customizations and color choices that Transylvania Concrete Coatings have, you can perfectly complement it with your interior décor and color scheme that would represent your salon’s branding. It also gives your space a more cohesive appearance than you may have ever thought to be possible.

You can contact a concrete coating service company today and get the beautiful, long-lasting salon flooring.

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