How To Choose The Best Floor Coating For Your Pool Deck?

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Nothing beats a well-designed and built swimming pool in the yard during this hot summer season. Period!

While the water is the main focus, the pool deck determines the safety and security of people enjoying the pool time.

Successful pool decking should provide a secure walking area between pool ladders, diving boards, and slides, as well as a place for lounging. If you’re considering installing a deck around your pool—or rehabbing the floor that’s already there, you must choose the best pool deck flooring.

What is the best floor coating for your pool deck?

When choosing the floor coating for your pool deck, you should consider that it should feel comfortable to walk on bare feet. It also needs to be splinter-proof, slip-resistant, and budget-friendly, of course!

So let’s find out which floor coating can be the best option for your pool deck.

1. Slip-resistant

Slip-resistant floor coating should be your top priority. The pool deck can get slippery when wet, especially tiles, and lead to an accident. However, installing concrete floor coating can be the best option as they offer safety from slips and falls and enhance your pool’s look.

2. Heat Reflectivity

The dark-colored bricks and tiles can become extremely hot in the sun, and your feet might get burned. You must choose a UV-resistant concrete floor coating as it has a tendency to reflect the sun’s radiations and is easier on your bare feet.

3. Economy

Flagstone, bricks, or pavers pool decks may have great aesthetic appeal, but they can be too expensive. It would be best to choose a floor coating that fits your budget. Many installers find concrete pool decks more budget-friendly than other floor coatings.

4. Ease of Maintenance

All floor coatings are durable and have a long life span, but most of them require high maintenance. Bricks and paving units can shift over time and require re-leveling or replacement. You also might need to re-fill the joints between the units from time to time to prevent weed growth. Concrete floor coating eliminates all these issues and requires occasional cleaning and resealing to maintain its appearance.

If you still are unsure which floor coating to get, we recommend you hire floor coating professionals. The concrete coating company professionals can help you choose the best floor coating and assist you with installing.

Why Hire Transylvania Concrete Coatings Company?

Transylvania Concrete Coatings offers smooth and textured pool deck coatings that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pool while providing additional safety from slips and falls. We deliver quality and affordable floor coatings that will instantly improve the style and function of your pool deck.

We offer top-notch floor finishes with the following features:

  • Slip-resistant texture to reduce the risk of slips and falls
  • Flooring resistant to chemical, abrasion, and impact
  • UV-stable polyurea floor finishes
  • Rapid cure times with extreme adhesion
  • Affordable, highly-durable pool deck coatings

We work quickly! We can install residential floor systems within a day—the usual drying time is around four to six hours.

Contact Transylvania Concrete Coatings today if you want to learn more about our beautiful floor finishes. Give us a call to connect with one of our experienced representatives to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate!

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