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The term ‘floor coatings’ is a general reference to the paint or sealer applied to a floor surface. It’s necessary to choose the right floor coating as they convey the quality of the products you’re selling in your store, and it can influence the purchasing decision of your client.

If you don’t know how to choose the right floor coating for your showroom, read the following tips:

1. Budgeting

Estimating your budget is quite a crucial element for your project. You can go with some costly items you feel are important for your project. However, you should only select a floor coating that fits within your showroom project budget.

2. Coating Colors

Choosing the right color is necessary. Colors make a significant impact on the ambiance of your showroom. They can make your extensive showroom look cozy, even if you have ample lighting. And it can also make a small showroom look big. Keep these points in mind while choosing the appropriate coating colors:

  • You can go for warm or dark-toned floor coatings if you have a spacious showroom. It will make your place look a lot cozier.
  • If your space is small, try using lighter and natural floor coatings to make your place look big.
  • You can also try shade variation to produce unique effects.

As colors can influence your customers’ purchasing decisions, it is essential to choose the colors of tiles wisely. You can make your decision about the right floor coatings based on these points:

  • Light colors make people feel happy
  • Yellowish tones give fun and optimistic vibe
  • White and light beige tones offer a sense of openness and purity
  • Grey tone interiors signify peace and cool
  • Brown tones provide a natural and rustic feel
  • Black color represents luxury and class

3. Floor Coating Texture

Besides colors, the floor coating textures enhance the look of your retail store. If there is moisture or humidity in your showroom atmosphere, you need to choose non-slippery – matte or rough textured coatings. If you have a dry kind of atmosphere, then go for high-gloss and smooth surfaces.

Here is a list of coatings that you can consider for your showroom:

  • Chip­– Chip floor coatings come with a glossy topcoat. Their innovative chemical formula makes them durable to stand up to high-volume traffic. Moreover, these floor coatings come with a fast cure time, which means you can get your business up and running again quickly.
  • Solid Color Epoxy– This cost-effective floor coating is available in various tints, offering you an opportunity to choose the colors as per your branding. This easy-to-maintain epoxy coating is an excellent choice for larger areas. This coating is UV stable, so if your showroom has large windows, the sunlight won’t damage the floor coating.
  • Metallic This 3-layer floor coating gives a high-gloss finish and can make your place look bright. Also, this low maintenance and UV stable showroom floor coating are resistant to scuffs and chips.
  • Solid Color Polyurea This floor coating is available in a matte and glossy finish. It offers fast installation and quick cure time, making your floors ready in a single day.

4. Ask the Vendors

It’s an excellent habit to consult floor coating professionals to find out the best floor coatings for your showroom.

Transylvania Concrete Coatings company is the trusted choice for superior floor coatings in the state. We can help you with high-quality, beautiful floors that can stand up to the most challenging conditions. We can also come up with commercial floor coatings samples from our existing clients and can help you choose the best flooring system for your showroom. We will ensure that your showroom makes the right first impression with a beautiful, long-lasting floor coating finish on your clients.

Start your showroom floor coating project now!

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