Each one of us wants the most of our home’s square footage, and enhancing your basement’s potential as a viable living space is just the right way to do so. A basement is a place that offers endless potential for your home. Most basements have a concrete floor coating that is durable, flat, and solid. If you plan to remodel the basement, you’ll probably require a flooring upgrade to keep the new living space clean, attractive, and more comfortable.

The good news here is that you have plenty of basement flooring options you can consider. But it is crucial to remember that conditions in the basement are different compared to the rest of the house. These differences affect your flooring choices and how you install the flooring.

Purpose of basement flooring

One thing you need to do is to solidify your vision about the basement overall. You need to consider its purpose and the users of the space. If it is a kids’ playroom where children will be running, falling, and sitting on the ground, you will need a different floor than what you’d want for a basement living unit you plan to rent out.

Common uses for basements include offices, home gyms, family rooms, or just plain laundry and storage rooms. Ask yourself these questions before narrowing down the best basement flooring options:

  • Is the sub-floor smooth and leveled?
  • Do you have a plywood or concrete sub-floor?
  • How vulnerable is your basement to flooding?
  • Does your basement get a lot of dampness or moisture?
  • Is your basement generally cold or warm?
  • How important is cushioning?

If you have a big basement, you can consider choosing more than one type of flooring. For example, if you plan to use part of the space as a guest room and recreation room, you can use vinyl in one half and carpet in the other. Mix and match can sometimes help you get the best value for your money while ensuring the rooms serve multiple needs.

Top basement flooring options

As the basement offers endless potential to your home, you need to choose a floor coating that best suits your basement. The right flooring will transform your basement from empty square footage to the luxurious design of your dreams. A carpet’s softness, water-resistance of epoxy, and the classic beauty of engineered hardwood flooring all come in with perks.

Here are top flooring options for your basement:


Carpet has been one of the popular choices for generations. Some rooms are better for carpet than others, but many homeowners value carpet throughout the house for its cozy, soft feeling. Carpet is a great flooring option to counter the cold atmosphere and temperature that many basements create. It is a good option for comfortable movie rooms, a kids’ play area, and other recreational spaces.

Epoxy floor coatings

Epoxy coatings are a way to treat hard floors like concrete. It is one of the popular options for homeowners who want functional, durable basement flooring. Epoxy coatings create a low-maintenance, durable, and thick protective layer for your floors. It makes them a perfect option for home gyms and other spaces that require strenuous activities.

Ceramic tiles

When we talk about ceramic tiles, we get a limitless variety of patterns and colors, and it is one of the most attractive options for your epoxy basement floor coating. It is also quite affordable, especially if you already have an even subfloor in good condition. A tile is a good option if you want to get creative with your basement design.

Rubber flooring

Rubber flooring is one of the most popular options in dance studios, gyms, and other areas that involve strenuous activities but provide comfort at the same time. The same concept makes rubber flooring a good option for homeowners who want comfortable play areas or workout spaces for the kids. Rubber floors come in large sheets to minimize interlocking tiles or minimize seams to allow easy installation.

Engineered Hardwood

When we talk about functionality, durability, and beauty, engineered hardwood is one of the best flooring options for your basement. Engineered hardwood is a natural wood product that feels and looks like beautiful solid hardwood. Meanwhile, the high density of fiberboard core creates better moisture resistance than solid hardwood.

Choosing the right flooring and coating for your basement may require a lot of consideration. However, with the help of the options mentioned above, we will guide you to what best fits your floor.


Therefore, it is essential to know the right kind of flooring coating and your budget to have the best flooring for your basement. If you still feel undecided, contact Transylvania Concrete Coatings, and we can help you select the suitable coatings for your facility and needs.

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