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One common question circulating the coating industry is, “What are the benefits of coating on concrete?”

There are no simple answers to this question because the truth is, there’s a wide range of answers for it.

Here in this blog, we will discuss a few of them:


Concrete coating is versatile, and it is the type that suits the needs of your business and home. Epoxy coating adds stain and durability resistance to any floor. Polyurea coatings are durable compared to any epoxy, and they can bring different aesthetics into the picture as well. Like the concrete overlays, polyurea tints suit all the high traffic areas at your home.


Floors wear down faster in places with high traffic. It causes unsightly bare-looking spots, cracks, and chips. When you coat the concrete floors, chances to reduce these instances are higher.
Apart from these, floor coatings not only protect your concrete from scuffs and spills, but it is also very tough. It can easily withstand the stress of heavy equipment that moves across the floor.


Concrete coatings can easily resist hot tires, chemical spills, and heat. It helps add peace of mind to your operations and ease cleanliness and maintenance.
You do not have to worry about grime and dirt sticking to oil patches when you can easily wipe them. You can also get rid of chemical spills quickly before they permeate the air with toxic emissions. The coatings are waterproof, prevent mold growth and help to protect your subfloor from water damage.

Safe for workers

Non-slip coatings are helpful to ensure that the workplace complies with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) with safe footing in the busy work environment. It is easy to restrict different areas of your workshop using different tints. It helps organize your workspace and prevent personnel from wandering into off-limit zones. There are few carbon emissions involved in the production process of concrete flooring. It is also an excellent replacement for other energy-sapping types of flooring.

Easy cleaning & low maintenance

A professional concrete coating installation forms a seamless finish to protect it from harboring dust, bacteria, and pet dander. It is easy to clean with the use of a broom or mop.
The extreme durability of concrete coatings helps them refurbish every 2-15 years. It depends on the type and coat setting you tend to choose.

Eye-catching yet professional

Concrete coatings look smooth and elegant, plus you can pick the design and color you prefer. It is possible to get a durable concrete coating that’s still attractive, and epoxy can make it possible.

Adds light to dark spaces

With reflective coating qualities, it also helps to increase the light inside your shadowy warehouse or dark garage. It also helps to enhance the environment and enhance safety to create better working conditions.


One of the most significant benefits of the concrete coating is its virtually unlimited design options that match any style and taste. Architects and Interior Designers appreciate the ultimate design freedom offered while choosing a concrete coating solution.

Other reasons

Easy maintenance and eco-friendliness are the top benefits for prospective buyers. Concrete coatings also boost the value and appeal of your home if you are thinking of selling. It also provides convenience and years of service, no matter how long you decide to stay in your current house.


For high-quality finish applied to an expertly prepared surface, contact Transylvania Concrete Coatings. We offer a wide range of superior concrete floor coatings for all applications. These include residential, commercial, and industrial.

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