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The protection of concrete floors has become a dire need today, which is why you need the best concrete coating services. The main motive is to provide reasonable protection to the slab from contamination or deterioration and provide added benefits like physical performance, easy maintenance, chemical resistance, non-skid wear, aesthetics, and other properties. It will help if you remember that no other surface in the building takes in more pressure than the floors, commercial or industrial.

Many industry managers and owners realize how a professionally installed concrete floor coating can help them enhance their facilities. Here in this blog, we will focus on a few tips to consider when choosing a coating system for your concrete flooring. Since the process could be pretty confusing, overwhelming, and complicated, we’ve broken it down into nine practical tips to help you understand better.

1. Check the surface condition of the existing floor

Floor condition matters the most. The flooring specialists must scrutinize the state of the concrete floor and examine it. If you are looking for a successful floor application, the concrete substrate must be in good condition. It must be free from cracks, contamination, or unevenness that may otherwise hinder the bonding of the new floor coating.

2. Anticipate the conditions of exposure

You must be aware of the operating conditions, thermal shock, chemical exposure, regular wear and tear, etc. It will help you choose the concrete coating system with essential chemical and physical properties to help during specific conditions.

3. Explore the floor performance requirements

A professional concrete coating company can suggest the best floor coating solutions per the facility’s requirements keeping the space and budget in mind. The data given to the professional will help in determining the type of coating that will suit the best. The data must contain an enhanced report about day-to-day activities and general conditions within the specific room or building.

4. Check the performance of the coating

You must understand that the coating performance varies. Epoxy coatings are superior adhesion, chemical resistance, and mechanical properties. The urethane formulations have excellent gloss retention.

5. Evaluate durability

It helps in determining how long the coat will last.

No concrete coating company can indeed claim that a coating will last forever. Still, it would help if you considered the durability and permanence of the solution you choose before paying for it. Regular maintenance of floor coating will help in extending its life expectancy.

6. Consider the location

The type of coating depends on the location where the installation process occurs. If you want to install a concrete coating in the warehouse, the product will differentiate from the one chosen for redesigning retail or office space.

7. Aesthetics are a must

A concrete coating system plays a role in protecting the surface against deterioration and making your workplace look more well maintained and professional. You must keep in mind that you must choose the type of concrete that complements the existing décor. When you select a concrete coating for the industrial environment, compliance with the recommended color coding standards will help ensure a safe workplace.

8. Installation by professionals

Professional concrete floor coating needs to be approved by the flooring specialist as it is vital for successful concrete flooring. A professional installation can help you ensure that the concrete coatings can perform for a long time with outstanding lifecycle value.

9. Analysis of cost-benefits

Cost-effectiveness is one thing you must consider. When you buy an inexpensive product, it may seem to be the best choice, but sometimes you need to compromise with the quality. It doesn’t mean that you need to go for the expensive product. Instead, it is better to choose an along-lasting coating system, cheaper rate, and high quality.


You can get concrete flooring done at any place you want: home, office, industry, garage basement, or a driveaway. It would be best to have an expert like the Transylvania Concrete Coatings to help you reap the benefits of the concrete floors that also match your style.

Contact our team to learn more about selecting the right concrete coating product. Our professionals will assist you with extensive experience and knowledge in installing various coating systems.

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