Benefits of Concrete Coatings

concrete flooring

If you thought concrete coating was old school and boring, its benefits would make you think again!

It is one of the most widely used flooring styles known for its gold standard of flooring options for businesses, homes, and industrial spaces. If you ask any concrete coating company in NJ for some beautiful, long-lasting flooring options, they would suggest concrete coating for it.

Today, concrete floors are in high demand everywhere, not just for basement flooring but for the entire house or business premises in NJ. Gone are those days when concrete floors reminded of a dirty old high school cafeteria or stone-cold damp prison block cells.

Nowadays, with a professional concrete coating service, you can get highly versatile concrete coatings either polished to a sparkling gleam or styled as per your color choice.

Here Are Some of the Benefits of Concrete Coatings

1. Eco-Friendly

Concrete coatings are incredibly eco-friendly. If you are concerned about your carbon footprint and hate to waste brand new stones, concrete coatings installed using existing concrete slabs are a more desirable option for you. Once a concrete coating company seals and sands it properly, it can turn the look of any modern kitchen or living room fabulous.

2. Tough & Durable

Whether it is your kitchen, basement, garage, or warehouse, you need a floor that can stand up to all sorts of pressures. Concrete coatings are amazingly resilient and don’t chip or crack like other floor tiles. It is the cheapest and toughest option for any commercial establishment.

3. Long-lasting

A beautiful and sturdy concrete floor can last between 50 to 100 years. If you get it maintained through a concrete coating company, your flooring can last throughout the life of your property.

4. Low Maintenance

Unlike other floorings that require much elbow grease to maintain, concrete floors are easy to maintain. Just a mop and a mild cleaning agent, and your concrete floors are clean.

However, if you choose to have concrete floors for your garage, leaks and rust can cause wear and tear to it. Hire a concrete coating service company and get it sealed and waxed every 6 to 12 months.

5. Versatile Utility

Don’t stick to only basement concrete flooring in NJ.

Concrete floors are so versatile that you can use them outdoors, like patios and other recreational areas. When you get it polished, you can use it in your most elegant rooms, hallways, and even in transition areas. Moreover, at some point, if you plan to renovate your property, you can easily do the new work over the top of your existing concrete surface.

6. Design Freedom

Who says concrete coating is dull?

One of the significant benefits of concrete coating is its virtually unlimited design options that give architectures and interior designers the ultimate design freedom. You can mix a ton of color options to suit any purpose, add design patterns, and get it smoothed polished to give a modern look to your property. You can get that eye-popping look for your home or office through a concrete coating service on the floors.

7. Economical

Are you on a tight budget?

Compared to other types of coating, concrete coating costs less. A classic concrete floor with a plain gray slab won’t cost you more than $6 per square foot or so. If any concrete coating company demands more than that, you must ask questions. Even if you pick its high-end options at $10 per square foot, considering its durability, longevity, and low-maintenance factors, the concrete coating is far more economical than others.

8. Slip-resistant

You can even turn the slick, slippery unfinished concrete floors into slip-resistant by finishing them with some non-slip epoxy. Use it in your homes in high-traffic areas and forget worrying about young kids, or the elderly, taking a spill.

9. Volatile Organic Compounds Free Flooring

Mostly hardwood floors, vinyl, and synthetic carpets contain volatile organic compounds. Such floors release harmful levels of chemical toxins in the air. They raise the indoor pollution levels of your home and affect everyone’s health. On the other hand, concrete floor coatings are eco-friendly and have no volatile organic compounds.

10. Simple Beauty

Polished concrete coatings look stunning. Moreover, you can add colors and designs to match your taste and style preference. Its versatility and design freedom further allow interior designers and architectures to enhance the simple beauty of concrete floors into an extraordinary masterpiece of architecture.


Remember, a concrete floor coating isn’t only for the basement, garage, or driveway. You can use it in your home and offices too. All you need is an expert concrete coating company, and you can reap the benefits of concrete floors matching your style statement. Get in touch with us for details!

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