What is the Best Flooring for Pool Deck?

pool deck flooring

The pool deck area has a unique requirement compared to a regular patio. The flooring around your pool should not only be attractive but should be comfortable on bare feet too. The pool deck flooring should be heat reflective, slip-resistance, even-surfaced, and resistant to chemicals, mold, and mildew. While the type of materials you choose would depend on several variables such as cost, durability, and maintenance, the good news is you get many options to choose from.

#1. Concrete

Polyurea is the most popular floor coating for pool decks. Its attractiveness lies in its versatility. It can vary from the traditional plain poured concrete pool decks to stained, stenciled, or stamped mimic stone, brick, or other finishes. The stamped concrete floor is the perfect option for your pool deck due to its good looks, durability, and low maintenance.

The major drawback of concrete flooring is that it’s susceptible to heat, and the flooring can crack due to temperature change.

#2. Wood floor coating

Wood floor coating is available in many varieties, including cedar, pine, and Brazilian pie. You can choose the one depending on your budget and requirement. Teak is considered one of the best wooden floor coatings as it’s resistant to insects, mold, and mildew. However, you need to be very careful as the wooden floor requires seasonal maintenance, including cleaning, sanding, and sealing. The wood floor coating comes in a higher price bracket as it requires regular maintenance to avoid wood getting rot or splinter.

#3. Pavers

Pavers are popular for paths, patios, and pool decks. The best thing about pavers is that they’re available in different materials, sizes, shapes, and colors. You can always choose the one that matches the ambiance of your pool deck area. The pavers are cost-effective and don’t require high maintenance. However, it would help if you were cautious as pavers require careful prepping of the ground before installation – it must be perfectly level. They also require a permanent border to prevent the shifting of the pavers. They are prone to color changes and stains. There is also a strong possibility of weeds growing in the cracks between the units.

#4. Polyurea floor coating

Polyurea floor coating is quite durable due to its unique flexibility. This coating doesn’t get cracked due to temperature changes. The flooring has the potential to expand and contract in changing temperatures year-round and offer high-performance coverage. Most people prefer polyurea coating due to the following features, such as:

  • Specially designed for permanent bonding
  • Resistant to damage from abrasions or chemicals
  • UV-stable to protect from sun damage
  • Available in both matte and gloss finishes
  • Pre-tinted for consistently rich color
  • Built with an optional slip-resistant finish

To see the difference in how polyurea coating can make your pool deck’s floor durable, give Transylvania Concrete Coatings a call today! Our experienced floor specialists would be happy to learn about your flooring needs and advise you on the best material for your unique situation. To find out how much solid color polyurea flooring would cost your pool deck, submit our request form now!

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