Often, people underlook at the importance of having durable floor coating. They underestimate how much damage can occur due to heavy foot traffic, moisture, and other causes. These causes can affect the integrity of your basement floor. You can save your basement floor in several ways. However, installing epoxy floor coating in your basement is one of the cost-effective methods.

Basement Floor Epoxy Coating

Many clients at Transylvania Concrete Coatings choose to install Epoxy floor coatings for their basements. Unlike traditional paints and concrete coatings, our epoxy coating is cost-effective yet durable. It acts as a sealer, helping to prevent cracks and lines from showing up over time. Some of the features of epoxy floor coating available at Transylvania Concrete Coatings include:

  • Abrasion- and impact-resistant coatings
  • Extreme adhesion for fast, seamless installation
  • Various styles and colors to choose from
  • UV rays resistant coatings
  • Cost-effective and low-maintenance flooring

Why must you choose epoxy floor coatings for your basement?

If you think it’s time to remodel your basement concrete flooring, then an epoxy coating is the perfect option for you. The best thing about installing epoxy floor coatings is relatively cheap. Some other reasons to choose epoxy floor coating are:

1. Protection from Moisture

Epoxy is waterproof, preventing your floor from water and moisture. Choosing waterproof flooring is essential for your damp basement as mold and mildew can begin thriving in it. Epoxy coating is also resistant to leaks and spills. It can help prevent massive amounts of water and moisture from seeping through your home’s concrete foundations, keeping potential damage at a minimum.

2. Strength and Durability

Epoxy floor coatings have a longer lifespan than almost all other types of basement flooring. They are UV-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and resistant to high-impact and heavy footfall.

3. Decorative

Most homeowners choose epoxy coating due to its attractive appearance; however, it doesn’t mean it lacks its aesthetic quality. An epoxy floor comes in various styles and colors, allowing you to choose the coating shade and pattern that matches your basement’s overall ambiance.

4. Low-maintenance

Epoxy floors are easy to maintain as they’re highly resistant to almost everything from oil, bleach, and other fluids and chemicals. Their resistance is one of the features, making them a perfect option for basements and garages.

Besides withstanding cleaners or chemical spills, epoxy floors are easy to clean. The smooth, even surfaces of epoxy floors make them easy to sweep. You can use a dust mop or wet mop to remove dirt and debris regularly. You can use a standard kitchen scrubbing sponge to scrub out minor stains and paper towels and rags to clean any fluid leaking from vehicles, such as oil, gas, and antifreeze.

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