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Dog kennel flooring

Top 5 Floors for Dog Kennels

When you take your pet to the vet, pet boarding, training, grooming facility, or doggy daycare, there are chances that …

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polyurea floors coating

The Benefits of Coating On Concrete Flooring

One common question circulating the coating industry is, “What are the benefits of coating on concrete?” There are no simple …

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Basement Floor Coating

How to Choose the Right Flooring for Basement?

Each one of us wants the most of our home’s square footage, and enhancing your basement’s potential as a viable …

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Epoxy Concrete Coatings

How Epoxy Floor Coatings is Right Choice to Enhance Your Business Space

Epoxy floor coatings are one of the best choices for flooring in commercial spaces. It is best for industrial space …

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Outdoor floor coatings

What are Various Weatherproof Coating Options for Outdoor Surfaces?

There’s no doubt in the fact that concrete can withstand the elements on its own. It can withstand the elements …

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ODF Customer Satisfaction

How Concrete Coatings are Environment Friendly?

In today’s time, commercial designs, architecture, sustainability, and environment-friendly building is the main focus. Many businesses look for ways in …

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kitchen flooring

5 Top Considerations for Commercial Kitchen Flooring

The flooring in commercial kitchens is subject to some harsh daily punishment. It involves exposure to hot oil splatter and …

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Pool deck coatings

Things to Consider While Choosing Pool Deck Flooring

If we compare the pool decking options, it is essential to consider the material you want in your design. Decorative …

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garage floors

Tips to Maintain Concrete Garage Floors

Your garage floor sees a lot of dirt and traffic that may leave it looking worn-down. Debris, stains, leaks, and …

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warehouse flooring nj

What to Consider When Choosing Warehouse Flooring?

If you are thinking of choosing warehouse flooring options for commercial space, there could be many factors you need to …

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Showroom Floor Coatings

4 Best Concrete Coatings for Showroom Floors

If you are the owner of a commercial business and have a showroom, it is essential to use the best …

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Concrete Coatings NJ

Guide to Clean Concrete Flooring

Concrete floors are easy to clean, unlike other flooring materials. For example, if you have a laminated or wooden surface, …

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Garage Flooring NJ

Different Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Options

If you are choosing the new flooring systems for garage floor coatings, epoxy resin flooring stands out from other floor …

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Industrial floor coatings NJ

Key Considerations When Choosing Industrial Flooring

Designers, engineers, and architects face challenges in choosing the right type of industrial flooring. With the numerous construction elements that …

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ODF Satisfied Customers

Things to Know About Polyurea Floor Coatings

Polyurea coatings come with unique advantages that set them apart from other protective coatings. They also have some special requirements …

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commercial floors coating

Why Get Durable and Safer Concrete Coatings for Commercial Floors?

If you are looking for ways to make your floor attractive and last longer, the best way is to coat …

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