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metallic flooring

Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating for Your Basement

Often, people underlook at the importance of having durable floor coating. They underestimate how much damage can occur due to …

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basement flooring

Durable Floor Coatings for All Your Basement Flooring Needs

Everyone wants to make the most of their home’s square footage. Renovating your basement is a relatively low-cost way to …

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pool deck flooring

What is the Best Flooring for Pool Deck?

The pool deck area has a unique requirement compared to a regular patio. The flooring around your pool should not …

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kitchen flooring

Factors To consider while choosing Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Commercial kitchens go through many wringers throughout the day. It includes high temperatures, oil spills, steady streams of water, heavy …

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Industrial Flooring

Tips for Choosing the Right Industrial Concrete Floor Coating

When it comes to industrial floors, they require high-performance, rugged, and robust industrial concrete floor coating that can bear all …

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epoxy floors

Benefits Of Epoxy Floor Coating For Your Garage

Whether you need to refurbish outdated garage flooring or seal your concrete surface, epoxy floor coating can transform your space …

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Polyurea flooring

6 Benefits Of Polyurea Floor Coating

If your concrete garage floor is showing its age, and the sight of cracks, stains, and other damage has become …

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patio concrete coating

Give Your Patio a Facelift With a Custom Concrete Coating

Every homeowner wants a beautiful outdoor area to entertain and enjoy with their family and friends. Patio resurfacing with durable …

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Auto Repair Shop

Choose the Best Floor Coating for Auto Repair Shop

If you manage an auto repair shop, you must be aware of the physical demands that your shop might need. …

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industrial floor coating

What are Different Options Available for Industrial Coatings?

Safety is the key in any industrial setting. And when it comes to choosing the proper industrial floor coatings, it …

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garage floor coatings

Right Floor Coatings For Your Garage

Does your garage floor looks dull and is barely resilient? It’s time to upgrade! Why is garage floor protection necessary? …

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floor coating

How To Choose the Right Floor Coatings for Your Showroom?

The term ‘floor coatings’ is a general reference to the paint or sealer applied to a floor surface. It’s necessary …

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pool floors

How To Choose The Best Floor Coating For Your Pool Deck?

Nothing beats a well-designed and built swimming pool in the yard during this hot summer season. Period! While the water …

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concrete flooring

Tips for Choosing the Best Concrete Coating Service Company in New Jersey

You have decided to give a brand new look to your garage floors, and you have the idea about the …

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garage floors

Things to Consider While Choosing Garage Floor Coatings in NJ

When it comes to reviving your garage floor surface, there are many things like painting the garage floor, filling the …

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Garage Floor Coatings

One Day Garage Floor Coatings for New Jersey

At Transylvania Concrete Coatings, we offer the best commercial epoxy floor coating on the market that is built to resist …

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